Our skilled billing integration specialists have, for over ten years, focused on developing customized billing solutions for the web.

After all, for any e-commerce site, online billing is the core foundation of it's business, and without proper solutions in place, can result in profits being lost, merchant accounts being comprised or worse.

The highly skilled team at Integration Mind has extensive experience in integrating all the top billing companies, including: Netbilling, DHDmedia, Paycom (Epoch), Jettis and CCBILL. We also have extensive hands-on knowledge of NATS and MPA3 affiliate program integration.

Our experienced development team can make sure that your payment process meets your needs and provides your website with the best conversion rates possible for your payment solution.

If you need to secure your server and payment pages, our experienced team can make sure that your process is complaint with VISA's PCI rules.

If you need help to develop or customize shopping cart or VOD or dating site solution, our team can work with your designers (or use our in-house ones) to create a unique shopping experience.

Let the experienced developer and design team of Integration Mind, help you create a billing solution which works best for your business.

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